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Project Parking for DIVArchive allows you to archive and restore whole projects: all the bins, sequences and media files, or only archive bins that are important.

When using the DIVArchive plugin operations will behave in a similar manner as with archives based on standard disk storage.

In the case of DIVArchive and rather than using local disk storage, Project Parking will connect into the DIVA system and exchange project archives with DIVA.

As Project Parking is integrating with the DIVA system there are some areas within the DIVA configuration that will need to be completed and checked before Project Parking will be able to pass any media.

The media workflow used by DIVA will exchange projects via a “Staging” area of storage that is visible to both the Project Parking application and the DIVA system. Project archives will be copied to the staging area before being processing by DIVA. Project restores will be restored to the staging area by DIVA (after a request from Project Parking) before then being moved back into Avid by Project Parking.

All projects are held within DIVArchive as “tar” archive files.

Therefore, additional versions of the same project will take a full snapshot of the project, including the media.



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Front Porch Digital is the global leader in solutions for migrating, managing, and monetizing media content. Front Porchs SAMMA product line performs accelerated migration of media content from vulnerable analog videotape to secure and readily accessible digital storage. Protected by three U.S. patents, the companys DIVArchive content storage management (CSM) solution creates a unified system of digital storage from ingest to archive that is distinguished for superior functionality, scalability, performance and customer satisfaction. In DIVAsolo, Front Porch has combined the two technologies to form a cost-effective, end-to-end system for preserving, managing, and repurposing media content.

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