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XenData and Marquis Broadcast Launch Low Cost Archive of Avid Projects

Latest version of Project Parking to be tightly integrated with XenData archive range, allowing Avid projects to be easily archived to highly secure LTO or Sony ODA cartridges.

xenlogoXenData, the global provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, and Marquis Broadcast, a specialist in content workflows and media integration software, today announced the launch of a new version of Project Parking software that is tightly integrated with XenData digital video archives. Project Parking analyzes all content on shared edit storage allowing Avid projects to be copied to a XenData archive. Finished projects may then be deleted from expensive edit storage, freeing up valuable space. For current projects, snapshots may be copied to the XenData archive and then updated incrementally to provide data protection. The new combined solution allows the seamless management of offline LTO or Sony optical disc archive (ODA) cartridges, giving system administrators the ability to easily migrate projects to much lower cost storage with unlimited space.

Most shared edit storage solutions tend to be expensive and difficult to maintain and manage. By combining Marquis Broadcast’s new Project Parking software with a XenData archive, users may move content to secure low cost LTO or ODA cartridges, which are then externalized and held offline. The cost per TB of an LTO cartridge is typically less than 5 percent of edit storage. When and if a project needs to be restored, Project Parking will now identify any offline cartridges, allowing the user to easily migrate the whole project or selected content back to edit storage by importing the cartridges into a robotic library, or inserting into an ODA/LTO drive.

Key benefits include:

  • Frees space on expensive shared edit storage – completed projects may be moved to lower cost near-line or offline storage.
  • Minimizes total cost – it is much lower cost to add the Marquis-XenData archive solution than to continually expand shared edit storage.
  • Provides vital data protection for all Avid projects stored on edit storage - snapshots can be made of projects, storing these on a highly secure XenData archive.

“Project Parking allows you to take control of your Avid shared edit storage because it understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins, and all its media,” explains Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Then having obtained this full picture, it is easy to select projects for transfer to the XenData archive.”

“The lack of data protection for content on shared edit storage has been a major problem within the industry for years, and a failure of the edit storage will typically have disastrous consequences,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO. “Now, we’ve addressed this issue for Avid users with the enhanced Project Parking. It is easy to implement a two part strategy where completed projects are moved to secure LTO or ODA cartridges, freeing up space on the edit storage, and current projects are backed up using the incremental snapshot capabilities of Project Parking.”

The new Project Parking is certified for installation on XenData’s SX-10 archive appliance and the XenData SX-520 Series of archive servers. Project Parking may be installed elsewhere on the network, but when installed on the XenData archive, it creates efficient data paths and avoids the need to purchase an additional server.


Watch Video: XenData and Marquis have developed an integrated plugin that provides fast and reliable archiving


Win $500 of FCPX apps & plugins by answering a short survey

x2proWe are pleased to announce that X2Pro Audio Convert is part of a fantastic new $500 package of FCPX software and training that is available for 10 lucky winners by simply filling a short survey at

Available in the bundle is:

  • FCPX Training from
  • X2Pro Audio Convert - Marquis Broadcast
  • Lumberjack System - Lumberjack System, Inc.
  • EDL-X - XMiL Workflow Tools
  • LUT Utility - Color Grading Central
  • XEffects Toolkit - Idustrial Revolution

The survey competition runs until Friday 1st August 2014. Good luck!

Videohouse Selects Marquis’ Project Parking

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software has today announced, Videohouse, based in Belgium, has selected Marquis’ Project Parking for archiving and restoring Avid projects. Videohouse is a national and internationally recognised service provider for television and multimedia projects and will now use Project Parking to assist its post-production staff manage their Avid edit storage more effectively and transfer Avid projects back and forth between different storage groups.

“Ideally, edit storage should only ever be at around 80% capacity,” confirms Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis Broadcast. “This provides headroom to move media around easily and have space for new projects coming in. However, because of the huge volume of digital material and file sizes editors are dealing with these days, it is easy to find several terrabytes of material clogging-up valuable edit storage space. This is where Project Parking comes in to help. In one single application the solution gives users the tools to improve the efficient use of edit storage - reducing capital expenditure on additional edit storage and improving the reliability and speed of archiving.”

Project Parking PNGProject Parking works by analysing all Avid projects and media so that editors can understand which projects are using up most space and action can then be taken to transfer, archive or delete. As finding large projects, Project Parking can identify unused or duplicate media which can be deleted or archived.

Projects and media can be analysed by size, project, location, age, duplicated or orphaned files. Snapshots of versions of projects can also be taken at the touch of a button. Project Parking then allows projects to be moved between tiers of storage or to different locations and incremental project archive versions to be created, while still maintaining a usable and easily accessible format for future retrieval and use. In other words Project Parking quiet simply helps manage edit storage more elegantly and efficiently.

“Videohouse provides a full compliment of post-production services for TV, News and film,” continues Miles. “Its editors will now use Project Parking to transfer its many projects, archive content and retrieve content as required.”

Videohouse and other customers can now take advantage of V3.7 Project Parking which includes: new graphical storage analysis summary of the entire ISIS and any other Avid aware shared storage; schedule storage analysis and project archiving at convenient times to suit your timescales and work patterns; ability to archive AMA material and restore to original or new folders, including full relink of AMA media; archive non Avid media and restore to original or new folders e.g. renders, Adobe PSD, MS Word; confidently and safely delete Avid projects based on archive verification while leaving media shared with other projects and 50% speed improvement with storage analysis enabling editors to make quicker optimisation decisions.

For further information go to:

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