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Outpost Manages Media with Marquis’ Project Parking

Outpost, the independent post production house based at Pinewood Studios uses Project Parking to manage its media. Project Parking is Marquis’ archive and restore solution which enables editors to analyse all projects on their edit storage by size, project, location, age, duplicated or orphaned files and then archive or copy files to second tier storage or delete unused media at the touch of a button, while still maintaining a usable and easily accessible format for future use.

“We first saw a demo of Project Parking at the end of last year and we were really excited by its potential,” explains Nigel Gourley, managing director, Outpost. “We work on a range of dramas, documentaries and children’s’ programming as well as a few feature films and like most facilities, each project generates many media files and we needed a way of managing and archiving our Unity space. Project Parking allows us to manage the media internally and uniquely, provide clients with a copy of all the associated files at the end of a project, which means we can offer an even better service to our valued customers.

outpost-caseProject Parking works by analysing all projects and media across all workspaces and allows them to be viewed in a user-friendly SQL database. This enables the user to rank projects in the most appropriate way. This may be in order of total files size, number of files associated with a project, which workspaces the media is on, and whether media is off-line. The solution also identifies the location of any duplicate files and any orphaned media not associated with a project.

The new bin archive functionality in Project Parking then allows individual bins or folders of bins to be included or excluded in order to move media to lower tier storage. Retrieval is also straight forward and can be easily achieved by restoring whole projects or just the required bins of an archived project for re-editing.

We are now using Project Parking in several different ways: to archive projects to give to clients and also for our own backups. We are also starting to use it as a way to manage our workspaces more effectively. The solution allows us to collect media that has ended up in several different places and put it back in one location. Often media gets put in the wrong location and this is difficult to manage later on and Project Parking addresses this.

As we adopt file based workflows, we can look forward to many benefits. However, inevitably, we also need to overcome some of the new challenges that developments in technology brings. In just one application Project Parking now helps us manage our projects and workspaces, solving the problem of managing all our Avid media.

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“By archiving or moving completed projects off-line we can free up valuable space on our edit storage. Project Parking can help manage our workspaces. Marquis is the only company to offer a solution which intelligently analyses projects to enable efficient media management in this way.”

Nigel Gourley
Managing Director at Outpost Facilities

About Outpost Facilities

Outpost is the largest independent Television and Film Post production company based at Pinewood Studios and specialises in managing post production projects including the latest tapeless workflows. Outpost have 10 HD and SD edit suites, Sound dubbing and VO booth, Avid and Final Cut Pro with most broadcast formats available in house.


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