Personal Project Parking

Personal Project Parking

pppPersonal Project Parking is a cost-effective utility that safely archives and restores complete Avid Projects. Aimed at Freelance/Independent Editors and larger organisations with many editors out in the field Personal Project Parking ...

Makes Avid Projects portable
Saving editors significant time in locating and moving Avid Projects from one site to another
(see in more detail in the Project Parking section)

Creates version snapshots of Avid Projects
Editors can save projects and rework on them at a later date, pass work on to clients for review etc.
(see in more detail in the Project Parking section)

Protects media assets
Providing clients with back-up copies (Disaster Recovery files)
(see in more detail in the Project Parking section)

Optimises the use of Edit Storage
Saving the need to invest further capital in additional media storage by efficiently moving projects from expensive edit storage to lower cost storage
(see in more detail in the Project Parking section)

The software is identical to the full edition of Project Parking with the exception that it does not allow the Archive of Avid projects to Edit Shared storage. Users of Personal Project Parking can combine their "standalone licence" with the full editions "Shared Storage licence" to move projects from larger Avid environments to standalone workstations and back again.

Personal Project Parking is £599 per licence and is available to download and purchase online.

To find out more about how the software works click here

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