Project Parking

Project Parking

project-parking-headerIn one single application Project Parking gives users the tools to improve the efficient use of their edit storage - reducing capital expenditure on additional edit storage and improving the reliability and speed of archiving.

Project Parking analyses all your Avid projects and media so that you can understand which projects are using up most space and take action to transfer, archive or delete. As well as finding large projects, Project Parking can identify unused or duplicate media which can be deleted or archived.

With Project Parking users can create project archives based upon bin selection, move projects between tiers of storage or transfer to different locations. After archiving and transferring media off-line - selected Projects or Bins can be restored and merged with the original media back on-line.

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Analyse & Manage Media

Discover what media is used by which project and clear away unused media and duplicates

Archive & Restore

Project Parking takes a complete snapshot of your project: all its bins, sequences and media

Transfer & Merge

Copy projects to any storage device and take offsite to re-edit, then bring back and merge


Analyse, Locate & Archive all projects and all media
Manage media workspaces
Find duplicate media
Move orphan media files off-line
Transfer projects to removable disk
Archive by bin or project
Version project archives
Restore archives by bin
Merge archives upon restore
Consolidate to single workspace
Queue activity for processing
Reveal the media associated with projects that other products miss



Understand which projects are using up most space

Analyse media and projects to find out what is using up space on your Avid edit storage, then delete the clutter and park storage intensive projects elsewhere.
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Copy complete projects or bins to any storage device

Archive whole projects: all the bins, sequences and media files. Archive only the bins that are important.
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Transfer projects to new workstations or locations

Move your projects through the cloud and around the world. Transfer a project with all its media to any storage so that it can be transferred to a new location, workstation or laptop and edited immediately.
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Restore & Merge Projects or Bins

Flexibly Restore Projects or Bins

Bring a project back from deep storage or just from a weekend’s editing at home. Restore a whole project, or just the bins that matter, to any other project. Merge a new version of a project with the one currently on-line.
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Find Wayward Media

Locate all media associated with a Project. Ensure that a project obeys facility rules about the location of media. Check that all its media is on the right workspace and not on local drives or removable storage where it will be invisible to other workstations.
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Identify unused & duplicate media for deletion or archive

Identify Duplicate Media

Identify unused or duplicate media which can be deleted or archived.
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Back Up & Recovery

Project and bin based Disaster Recovery solution

Copy projects or bins and park them off-line for safe storage.
Later restore a whole project or just the bins that matter.
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