Merge & Restore Projects Or Bins

Merge & Restore Projects Or Bins

Flexible Merge & Restore Options

  • Bring a project back from deep storage or just from a weekend’s editing at home
  • Restore a whole project, or just the bins that matter, to any other project
  • Merge a new version of a project with the one currently on-line

Project Parking will list all of the archived Avid Projects in each destination. Each archive provides information on when that archive was made and details the number of versions that are available along with user comments. The user can choose which version and where to restore the Avid Project to, selecting how the original workspaces map onto currently available ones.

If a project has been previously archived, when restored, Project Parking will update the original archive and only move across any new media or changed project files.




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Whitepaper - Optimising Storage

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The Cost of Managing and Optimising Shared Storage
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"The team has described Project Parking as flawless. It is simple to use and gets the job done. Time is saved and we have infinitely more editorial flexibility due to the ease of access of the files”

Mark Glennon, Head of Post Production at Zodiak Rights

“We were looking for a practical solution to migrate key Avid project data. Project Parking supplied an intuitive interface, enabling a straightforward migration of the media from one system to another.”

Nick Symes, Director of Technology at Input Media

“By archiving or moving completed projects off-line we can free up valuable space on our edit storage. Marquis is the only company to offer a solution which intelligently analyses projects to enable efficient media management in this way.”

Nigel Gourley, Managing Director at OutPost

“Project Parking allows us to archive the projects and bins we actually need to keep and delete the rest. This cleaning, frees up valuable edit storage space, which was previously a time consuming, manual operation. For small projects Project Parking now saves us between 1-2 days in time and for large projects about a week.”

Michael Fröch, Head of Technical Operations at Terra Mater

“Project Parking allows Fox to archive off complete Avid projects rather than need to re-build them from different sources. In the future, if another region would like to re-use an edit we have created, it will be no-problem. We can simply hand over all the elements of the project that they need, ready to go straight into Avid. We anticipate this improved archiving of content, more efficient management of orphaned files and generally better housekeeping will all save our team a significant amount of time.”

Simon Brett, Director of Operations of Fox International Channels UK

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