Sequence Parking

Sequence Parking

Sequence Parking is an easy to use, cost-effective utility for creating re-editable archives or transferring sequences between different edit locations.

Sequence Parking provides a powerful and effective drag and drop method for moving both edit sequences and media in a single background operation.

Parking consolidates sequence media automatically trimming with definable handles, to allow deletion of excess rushes, whilst maximising the throughput of the edit environment.

The portable nature of parked sequences makes them ideal candidates to support disaster recovery, business continuity and inter-site workflows.

Key Benefits

Reduce capital expenditure
Park media onto lower cost edit shared storage

Protect your assets
Create files for Disaster Recovery or later reworking

Improve file based workflows between facilities
Convert sequences and move media in the background

Client server enterprise solution
Fast and cost effective archive and restore process

How Sequence Parking Works

Using a Client Server architecture up to 10 simultaneous Clients can initiate Parking transfers. The background Service moves the sequence in and out of the edit storage. Edit workstations are free to continue editing while the sequences are parked.

All sequence information including cut points, transitions, effects, audio levels and the media files are transferred in a single TAR file for easy retrieval. Restoring the sequence is also a background operation completely replacing the need to re-ingest and re-link media. Media is stored in standard MXF or Quicktime wrappers with the AAF or XML sequence information creating an open, readable file.

By using standard IT infrastructure and wide area or managed networks, Sequence Parking can also be used to distribute editable content between geographical locations.


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Typical Use Cases

  • Broadcast content creators needing to re-edit short form - News/Sports
  • Facilities needing to reversion programme or promo content Preparing Sequences for later localisation
  • HD and 3D environments needing to free up edit space

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