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Parking from Marquis offers content creators an intuitive toolset to analyse and manage Avid projects and their media to optimise shared storage utilisation. In combination with FlashNet, SGL’s highly scalable content storage management system, archiving and subsequent access to stored media is a much quicker and straight-forward task.

Parking provides a fast and cost-effective archive and restore process, by creating a complete copy of any Avid project and media onto SGL's FlashNet storage device. By providing a simple vehicle for archiving all media associated with a project, Parking enables Avid operators to archive complete projects safely, quickly and easily between systems within the same facility or between sites.



Parking for SGL allows you to archive and restore whole projects: all the bins, sequences and media files, or only archive bins that are important.

When using the SGL Flashnet plugin, Parking operations will behave in a similar manner as with archives based on standard disk storage.

In the case of SGL Flashnet and rather than using local disk storage, Parking will connect into the SGL system and exchange project archives with FlashNet.

As Parking is integrating with the FlashNet system there are some areas within the configuration that will need to be completed and checked before Parking will be able to pass any media.

The media workflow used by FlashNet will exchange projects via a “Staging” area of storage that is visible to both the Parking application and the SGL system. Project archives will be copied to the staging area before being processing by FlashNet. Project restores will be restored to the staging area by FlashNet (after a request from Project Parking) before then being moved back into Avid by Parking.

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Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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