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XenData and Marquis have developed a tightly integrated plugin that provides fast and reliable archiving to LTO or Sony Optical Disc Archive Cartridges. Project Parking analyzes all content on shared edit storage allowing Avid projects to be copied to a XenData archive. Finished projects may then be deleted from expensive edit storage, freeing up valuable space. For current projects, snapshots may be copied to the XenData archive and then updated incrementally to provide data protection. The new combined solution allows the seamless management of offline LTO or Sony optical disc archive (ODA) cartridges, giving system administrators the ability to easily migrate projects to much lower cost storage with unlimited space.

Most shared edit storage solutions tend to be expensive and difficult to maintain and manage. By combining Marquis Broadcast’s Project Parking software with a XenData archive, users may move content to secure low cost LTO or ODA cartridges, which are then externalized and held offline. The cost per TB of an LTO cartridge is typically less than 5 percent of edit storage. When and if a project needs to be restored, Project Parking will now identify any offline cartridges, allowing the user to easily migrate the whole project or selected content back to edit storage by importing the cartridges into a robotic library, or inserting into an ODA/LTO drive.


XenData's Archive Server manages disk cache and LTO or ODA libraries to create a digital archive on a Windows platform. Using straight forward NAS architecture and a standard file/folder interface. XenData virtualizes the LTO or ODA archive, appearing locally as a single logical drive letter which is shared over the network.

When combined with a XenData Archive, Marquis' Parking provides a reliable tool to liberate space on shared storage by archiving complete Avid Projects to low-cost LTO or ODA storage. The complete archived Avid projects may be easily restored directly from Marquis' Parking when needed. Parking will check before restoring that all of the required tapes for a particular project are loaded in the library and will warn the user when they are not, giving the details of which tapes to insert within the warning.

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Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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