Workspace Tools Whitepaper

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Download Marquis whitepapers on how Workspace Tools can help you mitigate risk, improve efficeincy and simplify migration of your Avid storage.

Workspace Tools

Advanced risk migration and protection for ISIS / NEXIS storage.

Workspace Tools are specifically developed to protect Avid ISIS / NEXIS work in progress. They offer the highest level of resilience and protection whilst providing the industry’s fastest recovery time when measured against the hardest performance benchmark: recovery to live production.


Moving Edit Storage

Upgrading your edit storage can be a fraught and worrying process for any media production facility. Now Marquis Broadcast can present a number of alternative strategies to help you do this without risk, and with transparency at every step.

In this white paper we present a number of different strategies. Which one you choose will depend upon the way you organise your Avid projects and media, how confident you are that your editors follow that organisation, and the resources you have available.


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