Integration to Make Work Flow
04 February 2016

Integration to Make Work Flow

Integration is one of the most fundamental challenges when it comes to an upgrade or purchase of new equipment. These days, communications between systems have greatly improved, at least on a file level. However, there are often subtle differences which means moving media and metadata around is not always as seamless as it could or should be.

Any connection issue results in a compromised and inefficient workflow. The subtle picture is as important as the big picture. One piece of metadata not being transferred, might be mission-critical if the whole workflow is based on that information.

If the systems employed are not flexible enough, users end up working to the level of the limiting factor in any workflow. Thankfully, it is now rare that a product or solution is a ‘self-contained island’. Most let information be shared in and out and create a standard file so the transfer of media can be achieved between systems. However, the problems come when the workflow requires more than just a simple file exchange. Metadata integration is often an area where non-standard integration is a common issue.

Work arounds often become long-term features from users struggling to cope. Some customers lobby the manufacturers to make changes. Many vendors respond and can fix workflow issues however, this takes time and for non-standard customisation it also takes money. Some are simply not able to help. Where problems are particularly severe, purchasing a new system is an alternative; however, it may fix one issue but introduce others. In addition, these days, understandably, customers are less inclined to have a complete re-build as they want to avoid this risk and the associated cost.

One answer is to consider integration specialists and interoperability solutions. For example, the Marquis team are experts in media and metadata in broadcast environments. Marquis can help solve integration issues through specially developed solutions.

Marquis provides a highly configurable interoperability engine called Medway which integrates broadcast platforms by providing transfer and format conversion workflows for media and metadata. As a core product it solves integration issues and supports customisation. In large scale installations Medway acts as the central hub, providing multiple, simultaneous, and high-volume media and metadata integration services across best-of-breed systems from multiple vendors. As well as broadcasters, we also work with key manufacturers to ensure their solutions can integrate with other vendors’ products.

To avoid users resorting to working to the level of the limiting factor in any workflow, a timely investment in an interoperability solution from a specialist vendor such as Marquis, could achieve efficient and effective integration and make work flow. Come and talk to us at NAB to see how we can help unlock the advantages that digital file based workflows offer.

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Simon Fearn

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