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Atlas Digital which supports Fortune 500's, entertainment and production companies across the U.S. and offers a complete range of post-production editing equipment rentals, software solutions and creative services, has been using and supplying Project Parking to clients to solve edit storage space challenges.


Project Parking is also used within Atlas Digital’s colour correction department on various client projects to ensure the optimum use of its edit storage. “As resellers we do not supply any product that our engineers are not 100% happy to recommend and support,” confirms Steve Marshall, senior sales executive, Atlas Digital. “In addition, we always aim to find the most appropriate and cost effective solution for our customers and Project Parking has been instrumental in that.

“We were recently approached by one reality TV company who was ‘out of edit storage again’ and was considering purchasing a third edit storage system,” continues Marshall. “This is an ongoing challenge particularly in the reality market where so much footage is shot. However, with the help of Project Parking we were able to clean up the client’s current storage and save 40% space and 35% space on each existing storage system. Other companies might think it would be better to sell a customer potentially half a million dollars worth of new storage but we always want to find the best option for our clients, that’s why they come to us. That particular customer was blown away when we showed them how Project Parking could help save them so much space plus avoid the need for significant further investment in edit storage.

“The new software we have purchased for in-house use, will put to work in our colour correction department and this will also benefit our clients by ensuring our own edit storage is being used to its most optimal capacity,” explains Marshall. “As well as accepting projects in for editing, the rental market is also important to us and we are exploring how Project Parking can be used as part of a complete analysis package we can offer to customers to help them manage their edit storage most effectively.”

“Project Parking enables editors to analyse and manage all the projects and media on their edit storage and has been supplied to broadcasters and post houses all over the world,” confirms Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis. “Project Parking works by analysing all Avid projects and media so that editors can understand which projects are using up most space and take action to transfer, archive or delete. As well as finding large projects, Project Parking can identify unused or duplicate media which can be deleted or archived. With Project Parking users can create project archives based upon bin selection, move projects between tiers of storage or transfer to different locations. After archiving and transferring media off-line, selected projects or bins can be restored and merged with the original media back on-line.”

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