Hat Trick

Hat Trick

Marquis Broadcast has announced Hat Trick, one of the UK's most successful independent production companies has installed Marquis’ Project Parking and Workspace Tools to manage its Avid projects. Hat Trick now uses Project Parking integrated with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway for storage and easy retrieval of projects, while Marquis’ Workspace Parking and Sync enable editors to access content at facilities in both Camden and near Oxford Street, central London.

Matthew Tegg, post production manager, Hat Trick explains: “From factual to entertainment to drama and documentaries we produce a huge range of content including notable productions like: Trevor McDonald’s Mafia Women for ITV, Episodes for the BBC and The Secret for ITV. We are now using Marquis’ Parking solutions to manage all our Avid projects.


“Project Parking is certified by Avid and offers us a complete Avid storage management solution which archives, copies and restores projects,” explains Tegg. “Parking is integrated with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl® to back up and archive content to our tape library regularly throughout the day.

“Previously, a manual back-up was required,” continues Tegg. “However, now we can simply select specific projects and archiving is completed automatically. The process is much more efficient and saves us time. Retrieval is straight forward too, as the software allows us to browse prior to retrieval so we only need to restore the bins required, rather than an entire project.

“Project Parking works alongside Workspace Sync,” confirms Tegg. “In August last year Hat Trick acquired a second facility and our staff now work over the two sites. Usually used as a business continuity solution, Workspace Sync was actually perfect for us as it allows a workspace on a source Avid system to be synchronised (either in its entirety or selected folders) to a different Avid workspace in a separate geographical location. The Sync identifies changes on local workspaces and pushes these to the remote system, including all file creations, modifications and deletions. No fibre connection or VPN is needed as the content is all moved over the public internet, meaning project content is available to editors working at either of our sites.”

Tegg concludes: “Our editors like the accessibility of the front-end and the simplicity of Marquis’ solutions. It means they can focus on the creative side of their role and as an organisation we can provide a more efficient service to our own valued clients.”  

To find out more regarding the Project Parking and BlackPearl Integration, take a look at our technical solution brief

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