Seaside Productions

Seaside Productions

Seaside Productions GmbH, German creative agency for on air promotion, design and post production, is now using Marquis’ Project Parking to help manage its edit storage more effectively. The Munich based agency purchased Project Parking through reseller Videocation and the solution will be used on on-air promos for the ProSiebenSat.1 TV channels.

“We now use Project Parking for monthly sweeping of orphaned files and exporting finished projects to our archive server,” explains Jörg Goeßler, general manager, seaside productions. “This keeps our central storage neat and clean and frees up storage space.

“In this way, Project Parking helps us to manage our workflow after edit projects are finished and the final sequence is archived,” continues Goeßler. “Project Parking sweeps only those files that were used by the specific project leaving files needed by other projects in place. It means we are able to avoid the need to invest in further storage.”

“Project Parking enables you to take complete control of your edit storage,” explains Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Projects can be transferred, content backed-up and parked projects can be restored quickly and easily.

“By analysing all of your Avid projects and media you can cross check these against Interplay and acknowledge which projects are using up the most space, how old the projects are, what workspaces the media is residing in and identify orphan or duplicate media,” explains Miles. “Project Parking then cleverly gives you the tools to either transfer, archive or delete this material as needed.

“With Project Parking, users can create project archives based upon bin selection, move projects between tiers of storage or transfer to different locations easily,” continues Miles. “After archiving and transferring media off-line, selected Projects or individual Bins can be restored and merged with the original Project or into new Projects enabling the effortless creation of Highlights, revisited and revision of programs.”

Project Parking has proved popular with broadcasters and post houses around the world and is in use at the likes of leading facilities such as: Fox International Channels UK, German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), RTL9 and Česká televize, based in Prague.

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