Edit Bridge

Avid Interplay integration with Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects CC

Edit your Interplay content directly in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects

Search Avid Interplay from within the Premiere or After Effects interface. View thumbnails, find media and select for editing. Content in the correct codec is streamed direct to Premiere or After Effects for immediate editing, whilst other content is copied and re-wrapped. Delivery of completed story back to ISIS with Interplay “Check In”.

Adobe workflows

Left Diagram: Interplay browse and import to Adobe Premiere Pro CC                 Right Diagram: Adobe Premiere Pro CC export to Avid Interplay



Marquis EDIT BRIDGE enables the seamless integration of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC in an Avid Interplay environment. It includes two Custom Panels for Premiere Pro which allow you to control the workflow directly from the Premiere Pro user interface.

  • Import from Interplay
  • Export to Interplay


The import panel allows Premiere Pro users to browse the contents of Avid Interplay and select items for use in Premiere Pro. Having selected the media, Edit Bridge will then deliver it to Premiere Pro in one of two ways depending upon the codec. Depending upon the codec and settings Edit Bridge will either deliver the media by reference so that it can be instantly ‘edited in place’ in Premiere Pro, or it will be transferred to a network location and re-wrapped on the fly to a wrapper appropriate for Premiere Pro.


The Marquis Interplay Browse and Ingest panel for Premiere Pro and After Effects allows Adobe users to browse the content of an Avid Interplay system and select content that they want to use in Premiere Pro.

Adobe Interplay Browse Panel

The Marquis panel then allows the user to either:

EDIT IN PLACE: Import the content within Premiere Pro without transferring any content. The imported content is purely a reference to the original Avid content on the ISIS storage.

TRANSFER AND RE-WRAP: Transfer the content from the Avid ISIS and convert the content to MXF Op1a for use in Premiere Pro.

The choice of workflow is managed by the configuration of the Marquis panel.

Premiere Pro supports a limited number of Avid codecs for Edit In Place working, the Marquis panel has been designed to intelligently detect the codec of the Avid source content and match it to the appropriate workflow.

Where possible, the panel will allow the content to be edited in place without processing the file. Where the Avid MXF is not supported, Marquis will transfer and re-wrap the content into an MXF Op1a file for use by Premiere Pro.

Should the codec support within Premiere Pro be updated to allow the full Edit in Place support, the Marquis panel can be re-configured to change its behaviour to match the support and to allow additional codecs to be passed through without a transfer and re-wrap.


Marquis have built on its many years of experience in Edit system integration solutions to develop a custom panel for Premiere Pro CC that will allow users to export content and metadata from Premiere Pro and into Avid Interplay PAM.

Adobe Interplay Export Panel

This panel will allow the Premiere Pro CC user to:

  • Export content from Premiere from the panel and monitor progress
  • Create Content in Interplay
  • Create MXF OpAtoms on ISIS
  • “Check-In” Clip metadata to Interplay PAM

This panel is capable of triggering the export process whilst also being able to capture additional metadata from the user and manage the export process from the initial request through to the completion of the final process.

The panel will capture the details of the active sequence, capture any additional metadata and allow the transfer request to be submitted.

Once submitted, the export will call the Adobe Media Encoder (AME) and recall a chosen preset. The AME will then process the sequence and create a flattened file.

The Marquis services will then convert the output to Avid MXF OpAtoms and transfer the content into the ISIS. The clip metadata will be checked into Interplay via the Interplay Web Services. Progress is shown within the panel.



Marquis panel to run in Adobe Premiere Pro. This panel connects into the central web service and communicates to Interplay through the central services. Results from Interplay Browse/Search are shown in the panel and the import is initiated. Where transfers are required, transfer progress is shown within the panel.


The export Panel will integrate with the Adobe Media Encoder to manage the export and flattening of sequences. It will then pick up the flat file and use MEWS to transfer the item to Interplay


The central processing of the product is management by Marquis services running on a centralised server. This contains the following services:

Marquis Web Service – The service manages the communications from the Panels to the Interplay Web Service. All communications from the Adobe Panels are routed through this central service.

Marquis Medway Engine Web Service – The Marquis transfer engine that will control the transfer and re-wrap of content into and out from Avid.

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