Integrated file based workflows


Eliminate file incompatibility

Medway makes your work flow in the right format, with the right metadata, everytime

Flexible exports from Avid


Fast, reliable, cost effective

Export directly from Media Composer, Newscutter or Interplay to Playout, Delivery, MAM & Archive

Save time & money


Improve workflow performance

Financial and time savings through reduction in manual operations and errors

MEDWAY makes Avid work flow

MEDWAY is an ultra-scalable media centric middleware. Medway technology is used globally in hundreds of locations by some of the biggest names in the broadcast and media industry. Medway is now cloud enabled bringing the richest set of legacy and contemporary integrations to cloud and hybrid workflows.

Medway simplifies workflow complexity by use of the world’s largest library of certified workflow and metadata integrations. It enables our clients and integrators to build out the precise workflows they need for their business, often including complex migrations from legacy production, transmission, DAM systems to new and contemporary systems.


Medway provides the most comprehensive and widely used integrations to Avid. Medway is a plug and play replacement for Avid Transfer manager, its ultrafast compute processing make transcoding, re-wrapping, audio matrixing, and VANC handling both fast and reliable. Medway is designed to support complex workflows; seamlessly integrating advanced metadata processing and exchange between the systems it connects. It does so resiliently and reliably. Automatic hardware fail-over, efficient throughput control and expandable bandwidth, together with comprehensive diagnostics mean Medway is remains a reliable and predictable part of your infrastructure.


We have migrated the Medway engine MEWS (Medway Engine Web Service) to cloud compute within AWS. This brings with it all the Medway integrations plus integration to cloud services allowing transcoding, rewrapping and partial extraction of content within the cloud system.


Both Medway and MEWS support S3 cloud storage with partial file retrieval and processing. This transforms the economics of using cloud hosted S3 storage and in on premise S3 storage transforms. The combination of the Medway, MEWS and native S3 support, means Medway offers an fast, agile, low-risk mechanism to migrate workflows and content to the cloud.

"Medway is the only solution that had the capability & flexibility to integrate the required elements without compromising performance of the individual systems"

Dave Stewart, Group Chief Engineer,



MEDWAY hybrid workflows


Medway hybrid workflows

MEDWAY enables a complete digital workflow ensuring Edit Platforms, MAMs, Video Servers & Archive systems can work seamlessly together.

Designed to meet the demands of the most challenging production environments MEDWAY is used globally by Broadcast, Production, Post Production, Newsrooms & Playout facilities.

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