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WTVF Selects Marquis to Enhance Workflow

Marquis has announced the CBS-affiliated television station, WTVF, has selected Medway, Marquis’ sophisticated software tool kit designed to deliver seamless and cost-effective integration between leading broadcast content applications, to enhance its workflow at NewsChannel 5 Network in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We are now using Medway to import files into Avid ISIS for editing, check them into Avid Interplay and send finished sequences to the Avid AirSpeed MultiStreams for playout,” confirms Mike Rose, chief protographer at WTVF. “This saves exporting/importing times and helps all workflows because much of the work is “farmed” out, therefore not tying up the editor.”

“We chose Medway because it supports XDCAM 35 EX,” continues Rose. “Getting clips checked into Interplay is perhaps where we use it most. Medway watches a folder where our Rhozet Carbon Coder drops clips that have been flipped to XDCAM 35EX (such as user–generated content or network footage from CNN or CBS ) and checks them into a “Medway” folder in our Interplay database. We need to drop 50-70 clips a day. Before Medway, all of these clips would be ingested via baseband.

“In this way, Medway eliminates a great deal of time spent basebanding content,” explains Rose. “While real-time ingest may be more comfortable to old-time editors than importing a file, baseband ingest requires continual monitoring and cueing. Exporting content to the Omneon server once required a Quick Time export on the editor level, which took a good deal of time as XDCAM EX uses Long-GOP compression. Provided that any effects have been rendered, now, the only exporting is audio - which is quick - and the AAF file. This allows the editor to move onto other work.”

Medway also provides a path to get content to WTVF’s website, which is hosted by WorldNow. Medway moves news content over to the WorldNow video encoders, who host all of WTVF’s video content on In addition, Medway is used to move material from WTVF’s Avid ISIS to its Omneon server including promotion material for all the newscasts, and full length shows for WTVF’s second channel, “NewsChannel 5 Plus.”


Marquis’ X2Pro Audio Convert Used for German Legal Drama: Danni Lowinski

Marquis Broadcast has announced X2Pro Audio Convert, its new cutting edge conversion application for delivering Final Cut Pro X projects to Avid Pro Tools for audio finishing has been used on the latest series of the German legal drama: Danni Lowinski. The popular dramedy about a former hairdresser turned lawyer, who offers her services for 1 Euro a minute, is currently in its third series and was produced by Berlin-based, Phoenix Film. It is broadcast on SAT.1, a network part of the successful German Pro7SAT.1 group.


RTL Belgium Installs Marquis Media Media Highway

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in broadcast workflow studies and solutions, has announced that regional Belgian television station, RTL-TVI Belgium, part of RTL Group, has installed its Medway Media Highway. RTL-TVI Belgium is using Medway as the interoperability engine for its broadcasting and postproduction workflows based in its head office in Brussels. Medway has enabled the Company to achieve fast media transfers between its production areas where multiple teams of operators use a range of applications from different manufacturers.


PBS Chooses Marquis' Medway to Create Seamless File-Based HD Workflow

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in broadcast workflow studies and solutions, today announced that the Public Broadcasting Service's (PBS), Media Operations Center located in Arlington, Virginia has chosen the Marquis Medway interoperability engine to create a unified working environment between its Avid media storage/editing systems and Omneon playout servers.


RTV Belgium Installs Medway from Marquis Broadcast

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in broadcast workflow studies and solutions, has announced that regional Belgian television station, RTV Belgium, has installed its Medway Media Highway. RTV Belgium is using Medway to transfer media files between a range of broadcasting and editing systems in its head office in Westerlo.


Medway at Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media is a world-leading media management company providing technology and creative solutions to broadcasters, channels, content rights holders and brand owners. Aware of the rapid changes in the way media is utilised and how consumers interact with content, Red Bee Media has developed innovative, integrated solutions to help clients reach broader audiences, build stronger brand identity, and engage with the latest technologies to maximise revenues from their content.


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