Marquis Broadcast Providing Enterprise Software Integration Services

Delivering reliable business-critical systems for media companies

Many broadcasters, studios and post facilities, who have used Marquis Broadcast systems over the years, will swear by their reliability for critical media integrations and workflows. During the past 12 months alone, the company has delivered business-critical systems for some of the largest media brands worldwide.

Paul Glasgow, Managing Director at Marquis Broadcast, explains, “One of our best kept secrets is we have some of the industry’s most experienced developers, with decades of development experience within the broadcast and media market. We also have a complete portfolio of off-the-shelf apps and technology at our disposal. Finally, we have an ‘interoperability lab’, where we maintain a library of third-party professional APIs and plug-ins.

`’This gives us a largely unique ability to develop and deliver high quality and complex software integrations. We can often model and test key integrations in our lab upfront, which is a fantastic way to mitigate project risk, and accelerate delivery. Very often we’re asked to integrate to obsolete technology for migration purposes or perhaps integrate to legacy systems that are simply too large and complex to decommission.”

As an example, Marquis Broadcast has recently:

  • Integrated to a huge, live and technically-obsolete MAM system, for a major service provider
  • Extracted and automatically reconstructed hundreds of terabytes of complex metadata and media from an obsolete storage technology for a major public broadcaster.
  • Extracted and reconstructed metadata from an Avid Interplay system, which was being decommissioned for a major studio.
  • Delivered a complex cloud-based proxy relinking workflow for a major US network.
  • A complex library to new MAM integration for the same US network.

“Many clients also have their own software development teams producing key and often unique software infrastructure,” Paul continues. “We’re happy to work alongside such teams, delivering key sub-systems and integrations. We can often deliver these faster as we may already have direct expertise with key apps and modules available.”


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