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Marquis & Pronology Launch New Integration

Marquis Broadcast, expert in content workflows and media integration software, and Pronology, a U.S. - based developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions, announce their joint effort to greatly enhance the collaboration surrounding exports from Avid Media Composer. Medway, Marquis’ workflow automation solution, which enables seamless and cost-effective integration between leading broadcast content applications, combined with Pronology’s innovative media asset management platform, gives editors the ability to export and flatten Avid sequences, with rich metadata and view the results in a standard web browser.


Marquis Avid integration products explained in the Broadcast Workflow Podcast

There was a time when it made sense for a video facility to obtain its NLE, storage, archive, MAM and other sundry post-production workflow solutions from a single manufacturer. That made for easy integration.

But today, with more sophisticated, flexible API's and other advanced integration solutions available, post-production teams can have the luxury of choosing "best of breed" for each task along the post-production worklfow.

Well, almost. In truth, we're not fully there yet. And its companies like Marquis Broadcast that specialise in building bridges to address unique frustrating gaps in post-production workflows. In this episode of Chesapeake's 'Workflow Show' podcast, Daniel Faulkner, Business Development Manager for Marquis Broadcast, talks about its leading products including Parking and Medway.


Facilis Technology and Marquis Broadcast Announce TerraBlock Compatibility with Medway and Project Parking

Shared storage provider Facilis Technology and Marquis Broadcast, specialists in content workflows and media integration software, announced today that they’ve joined forces to qualify Medway and Project Parking products with TerraBlock shared storage. The strategic partnership will help Facilis customers take advantage of Medway’s extensive media and metadata tracking features for enhanced project management in Avid environments.


Marquis Introduces Project Parking for Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl

Marquis Broadcast has announced the introduction of Project Parking for Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Appliance. The integrated solution now allows permanent deep archive or transfer of Avid projects.


Marquis’ Project Parking Proves Best Solution for Atlas Digital

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software has announced that Atlas Digital has purchased its edit shared storage management software, Project Parking. Atlas Digital which supports Fortune 500's, entertainment and production companies across the U.S. and offers a complete range of post-production editing equipment rentals, software solutions and creative services, has been using and supplying Project Parking to clients to solve edit storage space challenges. Now Project Parking will also be used within Atlas Digital’s colour correction department on various client projects to ensure the optimum use of its edit storage.


XenData and Marquis Broadcast Launch Low Cost Archive of Avid Projects

XenData, the global provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, and Marquis Broadcast, a specialist in content workflows and media integration software, today announced the launch of a new version of Project Parking software that is tightly integrated with XenData digital video archives. Project Parking analyzes all content on shared edit storage allowing Avid projects to be copied to a XenData archive. Finished projects may then be deleted from expensive edit storage, freeing up valuable space. For current projects, snapshots may be copied to the XenData archive and then updated incrementally to provide data protection. The new combined solution allows the seamless management of offline LTO or Sony optical disc archive (ODA) cartridges, giving system administrators the ability to easily migrate projects to much lower cost storage with unlimited space.


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