Marquis’ Project Parking Now Available for Sohonet Users

Marquis Broadcast has announced support within Marquis’ Project Parking of Sohonet Media Storage. Sohonet Media Storage is a new service provided by Sohonet that enables Sohonet Media Network customers to expand and extend their current storage infrastructure. Marquis’ Project Parking helps editors to manage their edit storage more effectively, The solution has now been enhanced to support the direct interface with the recently launched, Sohonet Media Storage service, described as the first private Cloud infrastructure as a Service optimised for the media sector. With the native support for Sohonet Media Storage, Project Parking further enhances this offering by enabling clients to use Sohonet’s shared storage for parking and short-term archive. Disaster recovery and security backups can also be scheduled overnight to allow transfer of critical data at off-peak times.


“Project Parking allows editors to analyse all the projects and media on their edit storage by size, project, location, age, duplicated or orphaned files and then archive files to Sohonet Media Storage, or delete unused media at the touch of a button, take snapshots of versions of projects, or move from one location to another, while still maintaining a usable and easily accessible format for future use,” explains Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Project Parking combined with the remote, secure Sohonet Media Storage service, which provides customers with one terabyte up to multiple petabytes of data storage, will now offer a powerful, flexible and affordable solution to help users manage short term, second and third tier storage, archiving and back-up.

“It will significantly help its customers to share projects and feedback as well as utilise their shared storage much more cost effectively and gain greater throughput from their existing resources,” continues Fearn. “The ever increasing demand for storage in the post market is an on-going capital challenge that project parking can help to address. The average Project Parking user instantly releases between 10/15% of their shared storage by just managing it more effectively with the tools provided.”

Project Parking works by analysing all projects and media across all workspaces and allows them to be viewed in a user-friendly way. This enables the user to rank projects in order of total files size, number of files associated with a project, which workspaces the media is on or whether media is off-line. The solution also identifies the location of any duplicate files and any orphaned media not associated with a project.

"Our Sohonet Media Storage is the first, dedicated storage service for the media and entertainment industries,” confirms Ben Dair, Sohonet’s director of product management. “It has been tightly integrated into our world-renowned Sohonet Media network to ensure the most secure storage platform for our customers. Storage has become an increasing challenge as demands for digital content continues to grow. Sohonet Media Storage is an extensible, secure and flexible storage solution which provides additional and supplementary storage capability to existing infrastructures when local storage has reached critical or maximum utilisation - perfect for an industry that works predominantly on a project basis. The interface between Marquis' Project Parking and our storage solution offers a unique solution for the access and management of short-term and parking storage which should positively impact the media world."

The support and integration of Sohonet Media Storage within Project Parking enables customers to expand their infrastructure and provide agility and flexibility when managing and archiving of complex projects. Project Parking is easy to install and is fully supported by Marquis Broadcast.

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