Marquis and Spectra Logic Develop Complete Media Management and Archive Solution for Avid Users

Marquis and Spectra Logic Develop Complete Media Management and Archive Solution for Avid Users

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software, specialise in moving media and metadata. Marquis has today announced the development of a complete media management and archive solution for Avid users through the integration between Project Parking, its Avid storage management solution, and Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway. The enhancement now allows retrieval of bins and media from a project in a permanent deep archive, enabling rapid business continuity.

“The strength and ability of BlackPearl to archive content is recognised worldwide,” confirms Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Project Parking has now been enhanced to work in tandem with BlackPearl, removing the need for middleware and lowering the cost and complexity of the solution. Users now have a tool to connect intelligently with the Avid world. Because Avid storage is such a valuable commodity the integration’s greatest benefit is the optimisation of space. Parking’s media management enables the identification of duplicate and orphan media. We commonly see 15 to 20 percent becoming freed-up within a week of implementation.

“This is achieved through Project Parking which allows Avid shared storage users in broadcast and post- production facilities to monitor projects and track which projects are using what storage, then moving and securing these projects easily,” continues Steele. “Project Parking understands Avid projects and media and connects with BlackPearl using the Spectra API, which enables projects and copies of projects to be moved easily to multiple locations including tape, disk or the cloud.

“This also offers the ultimate solution in data protection as copies of content can be stored safely in different physical locations in a BlackPearl environment. In a business continuity situation, the new functionality means whole projects do not need to be restored. Editors only need to select the parts of projects or ‘bins’ required, saving time and allowing work to resume in minutes.”

Steele adds: “Marquis is focused on optimizing workflows and risk mitigation by the development of integrations between key broadcast partners. The combination of Project Parking and Spectra BlackPearl now offers a cost-effective, powerful and complete backup and storage solution for Avid users that frees up edit storage space to accommodate new projects.”

“The new Spectra and Marquis fully-integrated archive solution allows media and entertainment users to easily manage and archive assets in broadcast and post environments.” said Matt Starr, Spectra Logic’s CTO. “The solution writes Avid content to affordable disk and tape directly from within Project Parking – making assets readily available for search and restore. Users will realize benefits such as improved reliability, faster archiving speeds and reduced capital expenditures.”

View a webinar about Project Parking and BlackPearl here

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