Marquis Introduces Interplay Orphan Crosschecking (IOC) in Project Parking

Marquis Broadcast has announced the launch of Project Parking V3.8. The latest functionality of its shared storage management solution, Project Parking, now includes Interplay Orphan Crosschecking (IOC) which provides verification of orphan material when working with Avid Interplay. The new functionality will be on show on booth 2.A58 at IBC.

“Project Parking enables editors to analyse and manage all the projects and media on their edit storage and has been supplied to broadcasters and post houses all over the world,” confirms Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis. “The introduction of IOC opens Project Parking up to more customers who rely on Interplay MAM operating in tandem with ISIS workspaces.

“Customers that use Avid Interplay and Project Parking were looking for a tool that increased user confidence when determining orphaned media within the Interplay domain,” explains Miles. “Avid Interplay users can now use Project Parking IOC to identify orphaned media, while at the same time, leveraging existing tools within Project Parking to sweep orphaned media to another storage device. In this way, Project Parking gives broadcasters and editors even more control to manage the efficiency of their edit storage.”

Project Parking works by analysing all Avid projects and media so that editors can understand which projects are using up most space and take action to transfer, archive or delete. As well as finding large projects, Project Parking can identify unused or duplicate media which can be deleted or archived. With Project Parking users can create project archives based upon bin selection, move projects between tiers of storage or transfer to different locations. After archiving and transferring media off-line, selected projects or bins can be restored and merged with the original media back on-line.

Orphan checking or cross-checking can now be completed against a pre-exiting orphan list and hence pre-existing Storage Analysis digest database. The Interplay cross-check will use any pre-existing orphan list and correlate against the Interplay Web Services. If the orphaned material is found to be used within the Interplay environment then this item is removed from the original orphaned media list.

Marquis has recently analysed and documented the costs of managing projects on shared storage - illustrating how Project Parking is fundamentally the most cost effective approach available in the industry today. Marquis has looked at four perspectives of how Project Parking saves users money and explored how with regular use of Project Parking's optimisation of shared storage users can facilitate greater throughput hence driving increased revenues.

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