Marquis Launches Latest Version of X2Pro with 50% Off Price Promotion

Marquis Launches Latest Version of X2Pro with 50% Off Price Promotion

Marquis has today announced a two week 50% discount on X2Pro Audio Convert, to mark the launch of the latest version of the solution which integrates Final Cut Pro X into the professional audio workflow. The 50% offer will be available between Monday 12 October and Sunday 25 October. In addition, X2ProLE users can upgrade to the full version of X2Pro at a third of the normal price during the same time frame. A free upgrade to X2Pro version 3 is available to those purchasing the discounted product when it is launched to market before the end of October.

“We get such positive feedback about X2Pro, so I am really excited to be able to make this great offer,” confirms Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “In addition, I am keen that our X2ProLE users have the opportunity to benefit from the more sophisticated media management (such as referencing external media, or trimming embedded media) and the terrific tools for using roles and subroles to control how the timeline is built in the DAW software.”

X2Pro integrates Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows, converting the exported Final Cut Pro X XML into an AAF file, which Avid Pro Tools can open as a session, delivering seamless integration between the two applications. X2Pro provides a high fidelity conversion to a Pro Tools session, with support for audio gain and key frames. Taking advantage of the innovative metadata-based organizing features in Final Cut Pro X, unlimited numbers of audio Roles in Final Cut Pro X are converted into Pro Tools tracks, allowing sound designers and mixers to start working immediately.

X2Pro uses Marquis’ Media Highway, the core technology employed by Marquis’ media integration products to integrate Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows. The latest version of X2Pro has been updated in terms of its file reading capability, in order to support more formats and releases from Apple, while keeping all existing functionality intact. Steele confirms: “The work we have completed ‘behind the scenes’ will mean that the application is now 64bit and able to support more MP4 camera formats, especially those that originate with some Sony SLR cameras.”

“I chose X2Pro for a short film I was working on that needed a lot of audio work and it easily handled my project’s more than 32 audio tracks. I think that all professional editors who use Final Cut Pro X and Pro Tools should get this plugin – it’s an essential part of my workflow.” James Gribbins, director/DP of Gribbins Films.


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