Marquis & Partners Reward Video Editor Survey Respondents

Marquis & Partners Reward Video Editor Survey Respondents

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software, specialise in moving media. Following the success of last year’s video editor survey, Marquis has again recently partnered with various companies to host another online survey run throughout May and today has confirmed the winners of a free prize draw run as an incentive to complete the questionnaire. Fifteen lucky winners from over 2,500 survey respondents, have now been contacted and will receive an FCP X third party bundle worth $1,000!


“More than half of the survey respondents have been using Final Cut Pro X since launch in 2011 and the majority are using it for documentaries (more than 50%), with corporate and scripted work also featuring highly,” confirms Tom Hassall, marketing communications manager, Marquis, the company that develops X2Pro Audio Convert which integrates Final Cut Pro X into the professional Chart Q1audio workflow. “We also know that more than 20% of respondents are using both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier Pro CC.

“This means we are looking at data from early adopters and editors with complex and tailored workflows and their insight is invaluable to identify existing processes and challenges which we can relate to future product development,” continues Hassall. “The survey has also enabled us to uncover numerous willing beta testers to help us enhance our solutions in-line with real customer requirements.”

The prize draw winners will have received an FCP X package including software from CoreMelt (Lock & Load), Cineflare (HandHeld), XMiL Workflow Tools (EDL-X), Lumberjack System (Lumberjack System), Intelligent Assistance (Producer’s Best Friend), idustrial revolution’s (X-Effects Snapshots), (Volumetrix), NP Associates LLC (Backups for FCP), Color Grading Central (Color Finale) and Marquis Broadcast’s (X2Pro ).

Chart Q2This year’s FCP X bundle contains its first physical product in the form of iOgrapher’s Mobile Media Case which helps to turn an iPad into a full blown video camera and also a three month subscription to Larry Jordan’s training library which gives the winners full access to all of Larry's training including FCP X 10.2: Workflow and Editing and FCP X 10.2: Effects.

Helen Han, freelance editor and FCP X bundle winner comments: “I mainly work in features, scripted and non-scripted, all with tight turnarounds, so it is essential that I'm able to have products that can seamlessly get information out of FCPX as manageably as possible, for other audio professionals or colorists to get their work done. Also having tools like Color Finale and Lock & Load help get the offline cut looking its best within FCPX, which is also essential. I appreciate the opportunity to have so many products to choose from to try and improve the FCP X experience, it seems a great opportunity to get what work needs to get done and focus on what's important - the edit. Thank you!”

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