Marquis to Make Work Flow Better at NAB New York 2016

Marquis to Make Work Flow Better at NAB New York 2016

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software, specialise in moving media and metadata. Marquis has announced it will demonstrate its latest workflow integration solutions at NAB New York 9-10 November on booth 652.

Marquis will showcase a new Medway 4K post production workflow, which combines the high performance of Avid storage with low performance tier two storage, to transform the cost and speed of 4K post production.

Paul Glasgow, sales and marketing director, Marquis Broadcast explains: “Using 4K can require eight times more edit storage space and bandwidth than a 1080i HD production. So 4K post can be expensive and difficult to manage. So the new idea of using a transient HD proxy for 4K post-production becomes very attractive, especially when dealing with high shooting ratios such as unscripted documentaries.”

To achieve this Medway automatically generates a HD ‘mezzanine’ format from 4K rushes that are ingested to tier 2 storage. The on-line edit starts as a conventional HD edit, whenever the editor wants to work in 4K Medway automatically re-links to the original 4K source files (on tier two storage) selecting only the frames used in the HD edit. Medway automatically delivers and re-links these 4K frames back to the Avid timeline, substituting the HD proxy so the final edit is always in 4K. Conveniently Medway also restores some additional 4K frames ‘handles’ so the editor can seamless trim either side of 4K in and out points, avoiding the need to go back to the 4K rushes.

This solution enables existing Avid systems to operate much more efficiently in 4K operation while being seamless to the editor. Using tier two storage also greatly simplifies the 4K ingest process, and makes scaling storage resources up for 4K productions much simpler and cost effective.

First previewed at IBC 2016, S3 Cloud Storage support in Medway and Partial File Retrieve (PFR), will also be presented. S3 storage is now supported as a source or destination of media production workflows. PFR hosts media indexes in the cloud, so given permissions, multiple applications can now access cloud-hosted content to single frame accuracy, significantly reducing network demands, S3 bandwidth requirements and S3 retrieval charges.

Glasgow confirms: “Cloud storage pricing can mean it’s cheap to upload and store but expensive to download. Our proven Partial File Restore (PFR) technology now available with S3 cloud storage means only having to restore the ten second goal rather than the full 90 minutes of a soccer match, resulting in a very significant reduction in the download cost.

“Medway can talk to a myriad of different and often incompatible systems, by implementing support for S3 storage we will enable our clients to hook the cloud into existing workflows, either as an archive destination, for content distribution, or as an archive source. We are looking forward to demonstrating how we can help broadcasters and editors make their workflow better at NAB New York.”

At NAB New York Marquis will also show its range of Avid storage management products. The Parking family of products backs-up and protects over 30 PetaBytes of both ISIS and NEXIS storage worldwide.

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