Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the leading provider of object storage and nearline archive solutions to the media/entertainment industry. Based in Cardiff (UK), it has an impressive track record for providing tightly integrated digital preservation platforms and is trusted by global broadcasters, telcos, banks and utilities companies to ensure their video content is always available. Customers include Globo, Fox Sports, France Télévisions, BT, the BBC, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Deutsche Bank & the Miami Heat to name a few.

Marquis Broadcast has been working with Object Matrix, manufacturer of MatrixStore, a disk based nearline and archive storage solution, designed to protect both video content and metadata in video workflows, to create a new solution to allow easy archiving and access to media assets.

With more content saved in more formats than ever before, easy access to media assets is an on-going challenge for facilities. The combination of Project Parking and MatrixStore potentially offers an economical answer to archiving and storing file-based content as it can free-up expensive shared storage by creating portable projects which can be stored off-line. Parked projects also provide significant advantages for disaster recovery procedures, business continuity and inter-site workflows.

The combination of Project Parking with MatrixStore provides customers with the peace of mind that all of the elements of a project will be protected in a highly resilient nearline platform that requires little or no management. Marquis’ Project Parking offers a fast and cost- effective archive and restore process by creating a complete copy of any Avid project and media onto any storage device. By providing a simple vehicle for archiving all media associated with a project, Project Parking enables Avid users to archive complete projects safely, quickly and easily between systems within the same facility or between sites.

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Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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