Project Parking

Avid-certified Project Parking is the industry gold-standard for Avid storage management analytics and project portability, providing project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving. It uses advanced low-level analytics to enable significant simplification of Avid shared storage operations.

Key Features

Utilisation Monitoring

Analytics shows which projects are using which workspaces

Storage Agility

Archiving and parking projects to use the right storage at the right time

Project Externalisation

Move projects between on-prem and cloud storage, send to freelancers for remote editing

How does it work?

Project Parking understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins and all its media. It does this by examining all project files and compiles a list of complete media references. Project Parking then looks at all the media and matches the project references to that media, allowing the application to complete some very useful tasks. These include analysing and managing media and workspaces, archive and transfer of projects, restore and merge projects or bins.

Clever analytics-based storage

The first time Project Parking is installed, it runs a complete analysis of the ISIS or NEXIS system and thereafter maintains a detailed database of all Avid workspaces and projects. The analytics can be scheduled to run automatically each day across the whole system, or just a single project prior to exporting, checking and cross referencing all the media in the project. This guarantees the integrity of the project export, plus ensures any projects that are temporarily exported are correctly versioned when re-imported.

Project Parking | Workspace Analysis
Identify unique, Interplay, dupicate and orphaned files over time

Project Parking Datasheet

Delta Parking Whitepaper

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Project and media management should be made simple, Marquis Project Parking does just that.

Save terabytes of storage space

As storage capacities grow and timescales shrink, managing media and metadata has never been more important. Whether you’re a large broadcaster or a boutique post-production facility, the files you use need to be moved carefully both into and out of your projects and servers, then archived when complete. Project Parking has recently been updated with a new dashboard feature, enabling usage tracking for Marquis Workspace Tools and Project Parking systems, which is especially useful for multi-site companies, helping to monitor their data usage. The dashboard feature provides site-wide visibility to monitor usage of such tools, allowing companies to ensure that the whole facility is running effectively, with clever analytics to prevent duplicate and orphaned media propagating into the Workspace Sync or Backup. This saves significant amounts of storage whilst also accelerating time-critical sync backup and recovery processes.

Find duplicate and orphaned media

The analytics process in Project Parking is used to identify duplicate and orphaned media. In an ISIS or NEXIS that may have been running for some years, it’s common to find between 10 and 20% of the ISIS NEXIS contains duplicate and orphaned media, which has huge cost implications. Project Parking automatically discovers and cleans up duplicate and orphaned media – it’s not uncommon to recover the investment in Project Parking on the first clean-up alone.

S3 AWS serverside support

The latest version of Project Parking also adds S3 AWS serverside support, delivering seamless management for Avid ISIS or NEXIS storage, whether ground or cloud-based. An ideal productivity tool for film production, post and broadcast, Project Parking helps companies understand the capacity of productions and allows them to easily export projects to tier two or cloud storage to make way for a larger incoming production on valuable ISIS or NEXIS storage space. S3 AWS serverside support makes it easy to move complete Avid projects, together with all the bins, sequences and media files, to deep archive storage such as Amazon Glacier, reducing the costs of hybrid cloud post production.

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