Project Parking - Overview

A complete Avid storage management solution

Project Parking Overview



Project Parking is an analytics based Avid ISIS NEXIS storage management system. Using advanced low level analytics realises both significant transformation and simplification of ISIS NEXIS operations.



The first time Project Parking is installed it runs a complete analysis of the ISIS or NEXIS and thereafter maintains a detailed database of all Avid Workspaces and Projects. The analytics can be scheduled to run automatically each day across the whole system or, if exporting a single project, run an analysis on that project prior to exportation checking and cross referencing all the media in the project. This guarantees the integrity of the project export for example all referenced media held in other workspaces is also copied into the export. It also guarantees that any projects that are temporarily exported are correctly versioned when re-imported.



The analytics process is also used to identify duplicate and orphaned media. In a ISIS or NEXIS that may have been running for some years its common to find between 10 and 20% of the ISIS NEXIS contains duplicate and orphaned media. Project Parking automatically discovers and cleans up duplicate and orphaned media. It’s not uncommon to recover the investment in Project Parking on the first clean up. Project Parking automatically maintains the ISIS NEXIS so any duplicates or orphans created during a day will be cleaned up overnight. This has the additional benefit that any duplicate or orphaned media will not propagate into any disaster recovery storage. For example when using Workspace Backup Avid disaster recovery solution. Duplicate and orphans are usually moved to external storage and checksum verified where they can be viewed as externalised media. A decision can be made if these items can be deleted without using any ISIS NEXIS resources. In routine operation Project Parking will only move and not delete duplicate and orphaned media. A no cost software option can be requested and enabled to directly delete duplicates and orphans so no external storage is required.



Low level ISIS NEXIS Analytics are visualised and tracked over time. This makes system utilisation and resource planning easy to manage. For example:

Which projects could I temporarily export to tier two or cloud storage to make way for a larger incoming production? Which productions are over using or under using capacity?

Workspace utilisation can also be a valuable tool for billing for use. It enables users to leverage the valuable ISIS NEXIS capacity to its maximum

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Easy Administration and Automation

It makes no sense tying up the best people spending hours a week, or weeks a year performing mundane and time consuming ISIS NEXIS management tasks.

For example, just trying to find and safely remove duplicates and orphans can be a nearly impossible task. Easily tracking utilisation over time with multiple productions in progress can often require careful juggling of capacity.

Knowledge of Workspace utilisation and history can also be a valuable tool to leverage the valuable ISIS NEXIS capacity to its maximum and predict and plan how best to use capacity.

For finance and billing it also produces an auditable history of workspace utilisation.

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Avid Project Externalisation

Avid native media on ISIS or NEXIS is extremely difficult to interpret in its raw form when viewed by a conventional file explorer. Project Parking externalises Avid projects held in ISIS NEXIS and makes them easy to externally read.

This means Project Parking users can navigate and see project with a traditional media composer project hierarchy. Once projects are exported they are fully open and viewable in a conventional file explorer and equally importantly may be directly opened by Media Composer.

Project Parking Externalises Avid Projects


Project Parking Agile


Storage Agility

Project Parking also read and writes to many types of certified storage. Project Parking bi-directionally read and writes to Avid ISIS and NEXIS systems with and without Interplay.

It may manually, automatically and sequentially write to different types of storage from the same application.

This has the benefit that different strategies may be used for different productions.

For example it may be useful to: Temporarily move a production to tier two storage while another more urgent production comes in house and needs extra capacity.

Move a whole series into cloud storage knowing the series will come back into production the following year.

Export an entire project as a TAR file into a long-term archive managed by and external MAM system Temporarily export a project so a freelancer may work on a project at home over the weekend. The project can be re-versioned re-imported by Project Parking.


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