Project Parking - Overview

A complete Avid storage management solution

The solution to managing your Avid projects and Avid ISIS. PROJECT PARKING has all the tools you need to understand which projects are using up space then take action to clear it up. You can archive projects to tier 2, move projects to a laptop for work on set, or delete orphan and duplicate files. Large facilities around the world trust their ISIS housekeeping to Project Parking.

Running out of shared storage capacity?

PROJECT PARKING offers an intuitive toolset to analyse and manage media to optimise shared storage utilisation. In one single application PROJECT PARKING analyses all Avid projects and media to identify which projects are using up most space and take appropriate action to transfer, archive or delete.

PROJECT PARKING allows the analysis of all Avid projects and workspaces on shared edit storage by size, age and location. Projects can be copied to any storage device, taken offsite to re-edit and then later merged back on-line.

With the ever increasing demands to use more media there is a growing need for organisations to optimise shared storage resources. Recent research by Marquis has shown that broadcasters are typically wasting up to 20% of their shared storage capacities due to duplicate files or orphaned media.

Marquis’ PROJECT PARKING provides an Avid project/workspace aware toolset to analyse and manage and optimise Avid shared storage and other storage platforms in order that Data Managers can carry out the tasks listed on the left. PROJECT PARKING provides a high visibility of Avid projects and workspaces independent to Avid facilitating informed decisions on when to archive or transfer projects off high cost storage assets to more cost effective storage systems i.e. near line, short-term backups or long-term archives.

Marquis’ PROJECT PARKING speeds up both the daily and weekly shared storage administration processes enabling personnel to focus on other critical or revenue making tasks. See right for four perspectives on how PROJECT PARKING can both save and make money. Read The Cost of Managing and Optimising Shared Storage whitepaper for more information.


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