15 June 2015

How to solve a problem like integrated workflows

Although many manufacturers are improving their support for data interchange, a solution appears at best, a long way off. Broadcast facilities that want to be more productive need to ensure that their editing systems work together without fuss. Unfortunately that is easier said than done.

Editing software packages are all the same. No, I know that is not right, but in terms of doing 90% of what most editors need to do most of the time, they all offer similar functionality.

To some extent editing software is now a commodity and is interchangeable. Editors are usually efficient and comfortable using one product to complete a project and facilities are increasingly allowing staff to use their tools of choice. Yet, inevitable differences between edit platforms and challenges arise when different parts of the same workflow are managed by different staff with each wanting to use a different platform. Managing such ‘cross platform’ workflows is a challenge due to the many integration issues. Both editors and facilities want and need ‘anything to work with anything’. Yet, this is far from the reality today and therefore integration is one of the greatest barriers to improving productivity that facilities face.


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