SGL FlashNet & Parking

Avid Archive & Restore

Marquis’ Avid storage management solution 'Parking' is fully integrated with SGL FlashNet making archiving and subsequent access to stored media a straight-forward task.

Avid Storage Full?

Find out why for FREE

FREE PARKING analyses all your Avid projects and media storage to report - which projects are using up most space and the amount of wasted storage.


SGL FlashNet & Marquis Parking

Marquis’ Avid storage management solution 'Parking' is fully integrated with SGL FlashNet making archiving and subsequent access to stored media a straight-forward task.

Parking, the only independent application that understands the relationship between Avid Media Composer bins and Avid media, monitors how media storage is used, sends timely reports on usage, illustrates storage usage over time and facilitates the transfer, archive or deletion of media.

FlashNet, SGL’s highly scalable content storage management system, provides resilience, flexibility and adaptability. Regardless of the installation size or environment, SGL FlashNet's clustered architecture and open system approach provides secure, future-proof solutions that fit together seamlessly.



Avid Archive & Restore made easy!

# Improve reliability & speed of archiving

# Increase usage efficiency of edit storage

# Reduce expenditure on additional storage


Parking provides SGL FlashNet users with a fast and cost-effective archive and restore process, by creating complete copies of any Avid project and media onto the FlashNet storage. Parking for FlashNet now allows facilities to archive and restore whole projects: archive all bins, sequences and media files.

By providing a simple vehicle for archiving all media associated with a project, Parking enables Avid operators to archive complete projects safely, quickly and easily between systems within the same facility or between multiple sites.

The combination of Parking and FlashNet offers an economical answer to archiving and storing file-based content by freeing-up expensive shared storage by creating portable projects which can be stored off-line.

Storage management and content retrieval is a key challenge for broadcast facilities and Parking for FlashNet gives broadcasters the tools to improve the efficient use of edit storage, improves the reliability and speed of archiving and reduces capital expenditure on additional edit storage.

Parked projects also provide FlashNet users with significant advantages for disaster recovery procedures, business continuity and inter-site workflows.


Analyse your Avid storage for FREE

Marquis is currently offering a free download of Parking which analyses how a facility’s shared storage is being used. The FREE Parking application will identify how much space projects are taking up and space wasted by orphan and duplicate media. It's easy to upgrade to Project Parking which enables the optimisation of Avid storage and provides a cost effective archive and restore workflow with SGL’s FlashNet storage.




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