Shared Storage full? Find out why for FREE!

The main challenge with editing workgroups and shared projects is keeping track of where and which assets are used within a project (and other projects). In particular, how media is distributed between workspaces and when is it safe to delete content.

Marquis’ PARKING was conceived with this challenge in mind by creating an application that can both manage archives and optimise storage utilisation.

In one single application PROJECT PARKING analyses all Avid projects and media to identify which projects are using up most space and take appropriate action to transfer, archive or delete.

Marquis has made available as a download a FREE VERSION of the ‘Parking’ storage management solution which analyses Avid storage and projects and presents the results. 

Marquis Offers FREE Parking at IBC

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software, specialise in moving media. The Company has today announced it has made available as a download a free version of the ‘Parking’ storage management solution which analyses Avid storage and projects and presents the results:

“FREE Parking analyses a facility’s Avid storage and enables editors to assess how it is being used, why it is perhaps full and how much space is wasted,” explains Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Editors can easily see how much space a single project is taking up and how much room is used up with orphan and duplicate media. FREE Parking is the only independent tool that can answer these pressing questions.

Marquis Bridges Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Avid Interplay at IBC 2015

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software and specialists in moving media, today announced that Edit Bridge, its integration for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, Adobe® After Effects® CC and Avid Interplay, will be shown in Europe for the first time at IBC 2015 on booth 2.A58.

Edit Bridge enables the seamless integration of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects in an Avid Interplay environment. In this way, Edit Bridge makes it possible to edit Interplay content directly in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. Users can search Avid Interplay from within the Premiere Pro or After Effects interface, view thumbnails, find media and select for editing. Content in the correct codec is streamed direct to Premiere Pro or After Effects for immediate editing, while other content is copied and re-wrapped. Delivery of the completed story back to Avid ISIS is achieved with Interplay “Check In.”

Marquis’ Integration for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC & Avid Interplay to be Launched at NAB 2015

Marquis Broadcast has today announced its new integration for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC and Avid Interplay, EDIT BRIDGE, will be shown at NAB 2015 on booth SL7720 for the first time.

“We have built on our many years’ of experience in edit systems integration to develop custom panels for Adobe Premiere Pro CC that will allow users to integrate their work with an Avid Interplay System,” explains Simon Fearn, product manager Marquis Broadcast. “The two new “Custom Panels” for Adobe are add-on extension components that run inside the Adobe Premiere Pro CC application and enable users to source content from Interplay by browsing and searching the Interplay system within the panel and then triggering an import into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Users can then use a second panel to export their content and metadata from Adobe Premiere Pro CC back into the Avid Interplay Production Asset Management system.”

Users who will benefit from accessing this new functionality include Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Media Composer editors wishing to collaborate on a project; those using Adobe Prelude® CC as an ingest tool or for quality assurance for Avid Interplay/ISIS; those using Adobe After Effects® to complete motion graphics for projects edited on Media Composer, plus facilities who wish to continue to use Avid Interplay/ISIS for their tier one edit storage and MAM but wish to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing.

Marquis' Medway Provides Seamless Integration between Avid Interplay and Final Cut Pro

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in broadcast workflow studies and media integration tools, has announced that its Medway media highway software now supports file transfers between the Avid® Interplay® production asset management system and Apple's Final Cut Pro editing systems. Making full use of the Avid Interplay Web services APIs, this Medway development will give content producers and broadcasters the ability to build faster and more flexible workflows between their preferred postproduction and broadcasting applications, without constraints or delays that may otherwise occur when file transfers are required between different software and hardware platforms.

Marquis Introduces Medway Support for AVI Editing Systems and Extended Support for Avid Interplay

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in broadcast workflow studies and software integration solutions, will be demonstrating the latest version of its Medway media highway product at IBC including newly added support for .AVI-based systems and extended support for Avid Interplay.

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