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Archive, Distribute and Restore Avid Projects. Manage your media and free up space on edit shared storage.
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Transfer and format conversion workflows for media and metadata.
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Welcome to Marquis Broadcast

marqFounded in 1998, Marquis provides a range of Media Integration Products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today's fast-paced broadcasting environments, enabling broadcasters and other users of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes.

Marquis is committed to interoperability through helping Broadcasters achieve maximum efficiencies from their digital processes through our Media Highway Technology.

Our Media Highway- the core technology employed by Marquis’ media integration products- improves how broadcast production systems interoperate - completing multi-vendor workflows because the technology optimises and integrates:

Media clip and sequence transfers; Media format conversion and transcoding and Metadata capture and integration

Marquis has considerable experience in integrating an extensive range of broadcast systems and devices. Our Media Highway Technologies are in daily use with broadcasters in Asia, Europe and the Americas, with Marquis having supplied solutions to many of the major broadcasters including the BBC, Discovery, ITV, PBS, Technicolor Network Services and Turner Broadcasting.



Medway integrates broadcast platforms by providing transfer and format conversion workflows for media and metadata.
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Project Parking

Manage your Avid edit storage, move projects between tiers of storage or different locations, create project archives, identify duplicate media and clear out unused media.
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Personal Project Parking

Archiving, versioning or moving Avid projects and their media, for individual editors or smaller facilities working on standalone workstations.
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Sequence Parking

An easy to use, cost-effective utility for creating re-editable archives or transferring sequences between different edit locations.
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Automatic background utility that enables editors to exchange FCP7 and Avid sequences for collaboration and workflow migration.
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X2Pro Audio Convert

X2Pro Audio Convert is an application for delivering Final Cut Pro X projects to Avid Pro Tools for audio finishing.
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ibc logoSee Marquis at IBC Show 2014 STAND 2.A58

Analyze and manage media to optimize shared storage utilization

If you are heading to IBC we welcome you to spend just a few minutes to look at the latest version of Project Parking, Marquis' intuitive toolset for media and entertainment companies managing, moving, creating or processing large amounts of media. With the ever increasing demands to use more media, there is a growing need to optimize current shared storage resources. Come and have a conversation and short demonstration to see how you could utilize your shared storage capacities better in the future.

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"The team has described Project Parking as flawless. It is simple to use and gets the job done. Time is saved and we have infinitely more editorial flexibility due to the ease of access of the files”

Mark Glennon, Head of Post Production at Zodiak Rights

“We were looking for a practical solution to migrate key Avid project data. Project Parking supplied an intuitive interface, enabling a straightforward migration of the media from one system to another.”

Nick Symes, Director of Technology at Input Media

“By archiving or moving completed projects off-line we can free up valuable space on our edit storage. Marquis is the only company to offer a solution which intelligently analyses projects to enable efficient media management in this way.”

Nigel Gourley, Managing Director at OutPost

“Project Parking allows us to archive the projects and bins we actually need to keep and delete the rest. This cleaning, frees up valuable edit storage space, which was previously a time consuming, manual operation. For small projects Project Parking now saves us between 1-2 days in time and for large projects about a week.”

Michael Fröch, Head of Technical Operations at Terra Mater

“Project Parking allows Fox to archive off complete Avid projects rather than need to re-build them from different sources. In the future, if another region would like to re-use an edit we have created, it will be no-problem. We can simply hand over all the elements of the project that they need, ready to go straight into Avid. We anticipate this improved archiving of content, more efficient management of orphaned files and generally better housekeeping will all save our team a significant amount of time.”

Simon Brett, Director of Operations of Fox International Channels UK

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