Protect Avid work-in-progress from ransomware

Workspace Tools provides disaster recovery for Avid NEXIS systems, using unique Avid project and workspace data analytics to understand the nature and context of assets held within a workspace, plus linked assets in other workspaces.

Time-critical disaster recovery

With the large volume of data typical in post and broadcast houses, recovery using conventional tools is too slow to enable a restart of production of critical projects within a reasonable time frame.

In one customer’s case using traditional disaster recovery methods, there would have been a week’s outage while a large Avid storage system was recovered. This has significant adverse business, operational and commercial impact, including missing on-air schedules and contractual deadlines.

Restore your Avid workspace

Workspace Sync can be used for complete restoration of ISIS/NEXIS workspaces, or you can restore individual projects or bins as required for fast recovery of mission-critical work-in-progress. There’s also a retention period that protects files from accidental deletion from the working storage.

Workspace Sync adds to this by providing a complete duplicate of ISIS/NEXIS for immediate failover, enabling production to be recovered to the last sync point within seconds.

Part of your business continuity plan

Workspace Tools is installed at many leading media enterprises worldwide, using clever workspace analytics to provide a simple – and ultra-reliable – advanced risk mitigation and protection solution for Avid shared storage.

Importantly for business owners, Workspace Tools offers disaster recovery that can form part of an ISO 22301:2012-certified business continuity plan.

Our ransomware storage partners

Three Workspace Tools licence options


  • Backup your most important Avid project files with our smallest licence for Workspace Tools

  • When editing in Avid, the project files contain all the editor’s work, with sometimes days and weeks of creative input – so to lose these can be devastating

  • Workspace Projects runs analytics on Avid ISIS/NEXIS storage to ensure all projects are completely backed up

  • Protect your Avid projects with a version-controlled, time-stamped and easy-to-recover backup solution


  • Workspace Backup uses analytics on Avid ISIS/NEXIS storage to back up all projects and associated media

  • Project-aware analysis allows an individual project, or bin, to be restored to any location, with only the media it references

  • Delta Parking – a capability of Workspace Backup – delivers huge network transfer and storage efficiencies by only transferring changes, as after the first backup, all future backups are incremental

  • Incremental backup allows for the restoration of any version of a project or bin throughout the retention period, helping protect from accidental deletion

  • Writes to tier 2 storage with advanced user-configurable ‘set and forget’ rules

  • Cloud support transforms Avid disaster recovery speeds to any location


  • Works with any combination of ISIS or NEXIS, making it very simple to use any available Avid shared storage resources as part of a business continuity plan

  • Allows you to switch Media Composers and Interplay seamlessly to synchronised workspaces

  • Workspace Sync can protect all workspaces, or a just a subset

  • Frequent synchronisation of ISIS workspaces to NEXIS allows for the gradual transition over days or weeks of projects from one to the other with no downtime

  • Sophisticated ‘set and forget’ rules can be applied to manage the frequency of backups or sync jobs

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Protect Avid environments

Marquis is the only company that offers a ransomware solution for Avid systems. Its software protects against ransomware and will never copy corrupted files to your backup or cloud – essential should the unthinkable happen and you need to recover files fast.


Wasabi ransomware demo

Learn how to set up a Marquis backup with Wasabi immutability – see how regular backup with Marquis' Workspace Backup software and Wasabi's object lock feature enables robust data protection.


recovery webinar

Is your facility safe from ransomware? Featuring a live ransomware attack recovery, our recent webinar will show how you can protect your business.

With our Avid systems and Workspace Backup working together, we can be certain of the integrity of our media backup, plus we can retrieve files quickly if needed. It’s an essential part of our operation.