Marquis Technical Support

Marquis's products are supported through an extensive reseller network and direct via Marquis's own engineering support team. Marquis can also offer a bespoke support service for future software upgrades and compatability qualification for interfacing software

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Use the form below to contact our support team. Please provide us with logs (instructions below) along with details in your support request.

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Log files can be quite large, so please send the logs in a zip file.

You can find logs in the following locations:

Medway (versions up to V3.1.0.x)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Marquis\Logs

Medway from V4.0
C:\Program Files\Marquis\Logs

Edit Bridge and MEWS are the same as Medway, plus for Edit Bridge an additional log file:



Logs needed for all Medway server and Medway engine computers in the system as well as a time that a problem happened and the name of the clip, sequence or EDL that failed to transfer.

Project Parking & Project Restore

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Marquis\Project Parking

Workspace Tools

Workspace Restore
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Marquis\Workspace Parking



Please provide logs for four days before the problem happened to the day after (unless it is today) and an indication of what operation was happening and what time it failed.