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Marquis specialises in integration services and workflow tools for broadcast and post-production, helping facilities improve the efficiency and ease of digital workflows.

Our systems integrate leading broadcast content applications, ensuring standalone or shared-storage edit platforms, media asset management and automation systems all work seamlessly together. Clever software tools maximise productivity, from storage management analytics and project portability, through to management, archiving and ransomware protection, helping enable and manage tricky workflow integrations.

Key workflow areas


Disaster recovery and business continuity sound quite abstract terms in the context of a creative post-production environment. However, these strategies and plans represent insurance policies against loss of data and – more importantly – loss of work in progress.

WT 300 px

Workspace Tools

Backup, restore and sync software for Avid systems


Our software understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders, bins and media, allowing the application to complete some very useful tasks. These include analysing and managing media and workspaces, archive and transfer of projects, and restore and merge of projects or bins.

Project 25x25

Project Parking

Avid project analytics,
parking and archive


Our workflow products are used globally by broadcast, post-production, newsrooms and playout facilities, integrating incompatible systems, media and metadata. Our workflow tools help ensure edit platforms, MAMs, video servers and archive systems all work seamlessly together.

Med 300px


Middleware workflow
integration solution


We manage and enable tricky workflow integrations, dealing with systems from multiple manufacturers, to help resolve missing workflow pieces and mitigate risk. So from library migration to MAM integration, we can help.

Integration Services

Workflow connectors built around
our tools and third-party components

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New lower pricing for Project Parking and Workspace Tools

For Avid NEXIS archive, backup and disaster recovery, we're the fastest, most cost-effective Avid-certified vendor available. We've also just introduced a lower pricing structure for Project Parking and Workspace Tools, with an extra 10% discount for orders received before the end of August.

Hidden cost

Do you know the hidden cost of your Avid storage?

Our free Storage Vision software helps analyse your storage and optimise stored media files. It uses advanced analytics to find the hidden cost of unnecessary duplicate and orphaned files, providing you with a reason to upgrade your storage or help optimise space on your existing system.


Sinclair accelerates news gathering with Avid, Marquis & Sony

Sinclair is deploying innovative cloud-based news and content gathering and production workflows by combining technologies from Avid, Sony and Marquis. This approach leverages 5G networks to reduce connection costs while enriching the flow of news metadata, to get news to air faster than ever.

Connect your workflow with our software solutions

Project 25x25

Project Parking

Avid project analytics and management

WT 300 px

Workspace Tools

Advanced risk mitigation tools for Avid storage

postflux 310


Adobe Premiere Pro project workflow tool

Med 300px


Middleware workflow integration solution

interplay export


Avid Interplay metadata exporting tool

EB 300px

Edit Bridge

Avid Interplay integration with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

X2Pro Large


Delivers FCP X projects to Avid Pro Tools for audio finishing

Worx4 X

Worx4 X

Consolidates and trims media in an FCP X project

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