Project Parking – Storage Vision

Are you thinking of investing in additional Avid NEXIS storage? Shouldn't you find out how well maintained your current storage is first? Our free Storage Vision software helps you analyse and optimise your stored media files, using advanced low-level analytics to help you find the hidden cost of unnecessary duplicate and orphaned media.

Whether you have a large Avid NEXIS system, or a third-party system that acts as Avid storage, this analytics tool can provide you with a good reason to upgrade your storage if you're using space efficiently but just don't have enough, or can help you decide how best to optimise space on your existing system.

It's simple to upgrade from Storage Vision to Avid-certified Project Parking software – we'll provide you with a new licence for the full version. Project Parking simplifies Avid shared storage operations, with storage management analytics, project portability, project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving.

Project Parking removes unnecessary media files, helping you track data across all company locations, potentially saving hundreds of terabytes of required storage space. And every time the system is run, you'll be cleaning your storage and building up valuable data on your systems.



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Project Parking understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins and all its media. It does this by examining all project files and compiles a list of media references.

New lower pricing for Project Parking and Workspace Tools

We have also just introduced a lower pricing structure for Project Parking and Workspace Tools, with an extra 10% discount for any orders received before the end of August.