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Skin best live action short film nominee 2019 Academy Awards

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When people ask me exactly what I and Marquis Broadcast do, I say we make software for television and movie production. The next question is usually, do you know a famous actor, musician, personality? I'm afraid my world is more ordinary than that, often about resolving mind bending, complex integrations. Nothing too sexy or exciting, just making things work for the journalists, producers and creatives of the world. Some people also know of us for our big enterprise integrations for broadcasters and studios.

However, very few know we take some of our best 'bad-ass' broadcast knowledge and apply it to some low cost apps, which most often get sold via the Mac App Store. This method of distribution is great in many ways, but the downside is that it's totally anonymous, we have no idea who has purchased our apps. We have a couple of apps; X2Pro enables Final Cut Pro X projects to be easily integrated with Avid Pro Tools sessions (easier said than done) and Worx4 X for Final Cut Pro X which enables projects to be archived or shared with a significant reduction in file size with no loss of quality or editability (that wasn't easy either).

Emily, who does our marketing, yesterday announced to the office collective, “have you seen this article on” An atmosphere of curios ignorance engulfs the room, “there is an Oscar nominated short film called 'Skin' which has used both X2Pro and Worx4 X in the production. Directed by Guy Nattiv and edited by Yuval Orr and the post-production process is highlighted in a great article by Ronny Courtens.”

So, the anonymity of just one of our thousands of creative users is exposed in the best way possible - an Oscar nomination. Of course we're very proud, and we make no apology to be rooting for a Skin win.

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