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Mitigating ransomware attacks in shared media production

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Media companies of all shapes and sizes are being increasingly targeted by ransomware. Unlike many other victims, loss of data invariably means loss of content in some form. However, for the media industry, content is the very essence of the business. Unfortunately, this could be the next news bulletin, a partially completed movie, a fast turnaround production, a commercial; the effects of ransomware can be devastating. 

Sadly, nothing is safe, and for most media companies, the most valuable content – and hardest to protect – is work in progress, with the most critical loss just before completion. On a large shared production system, such as Avid NEXIS, which contains a huge amount of high resolution media, loss of data could result in years of lost content. The consequences of this are often uninsurable.

One point is clear: conventional disaster recovery and business continuity software is not suitable for more advanced media applications. It is simply not up to the task since it also blindly copies the encrypted files to the mirror or back up.

For media companies, this is even worse, and return to full production can lead to recovery periods of weeks or months. Even using the fastest networks and storage technology, conventional DR management solutions offer poor recovery speeds, especially with systems such as Avid NEXIS, because the backup is monolithic and the whole workspace needs to be recovered before you can start production again. This situation is almost inconceivable in today’s fast-paced environment, but unfortunately it is the reality in many cases.

Why don’t we hear more about this? Simply because it is hushed up, due to the consequences of lost reputation, trust and confidence. So where does Marquis come in? It’s simple really – we make the best disaster recovery software for Avid NEXIS systems, bar none. Our systems understand complex media workflows, combining advanced analytics and sophisticated Avid project externalisation with post-attack workspace and project recovery tools. So, the priority of what is recovered first becomes a business and production decision and you can be back online in 30 minutes, rather than having an endless wait to recover files.

On too many occasions, we are invited in after a successful ransomware attack, when the incumbent disaster recovery software has failed and the devastation is complete. So, if you have Avid NEXIS, ask us for a free trial of Workspace Backup today; it is affordable and a lot less painful than experiencing an unrecoverable loss of data tomorrow.

For more information, please visit our Workspace Tools page, where you can also download our white paper.

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Paul Glasgow

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