Marquis transforms news and production acquisition workflows into Avid environments

Marquis is transforming news and production acquisition workflows for Avid editing systems at IBC, enabling clever proxy relinking and enriched metadata streams via 5G.

The company is working with a growing number of technology partners, including Sony, Avid, LiveU, Wolftech and Ross, to help customers accelerate and streamline content gathering and production workflows. The acquisition workflow is particularly efficient in the case of unscripted documentaries with a high shooting ratio, since it saves transferring a huge percentage of high-resolution content.

Initially introduced at NAB23 for news workflows, the novel method of news sequence relinking – with all associated metadata – is already in operation at six Sinclair stations in the US. The unique proxy re-linking workflow has accelerated 5G news acquisition, reducing the volume of high-resolution video transferred to news production centres by field journalists. It allows the news cameras to upload proxy files via the Sony C3 Portal, which are transferred to Avid MediaCentral or Media Composer, complete with all metadata, for fast proxy editing in Avid. Once edited, the edit can relink to partial extraction of hi-res content – this is a fully automatic process and can happen from the Sony C3 Portal, directly from the Sony camera or from copied camera cards.


Marquis’ new partnerships, announced at IBC, bring this acquisition workflow to production. A new collaboration between LiveU and Marquis provides seamless video and metadata workflow between LiveU sources and Avid editing systems. It enables video from LiveU field units to be recorded, together with associated metadata, by LiveU Ingest and moved efficiently from acquisition through to production with Avid-ready formatting. This means video can be ingested directly via LiveU Ingest into Avid MediaCentral and Media Composer, complete with all its production metadata. 


Another partnership new to IBC is Ross Video, whose Media I/O ingest, playout and transcode software solution has been certified with Marquis Medway. Scaling to the biggest production demands, Media I/O supports almost any video format, can run on-premise, virtualised or in-cloud, and integrates seamlessly into your production workflow. We can transfer and check video into Avid whilst still recording from Media I/O to allow the Avid users to edit growing files. Growing file support is a feature of MediaCentral and Interplay.


Marquis and Wolftech have also enabled innovative new workflows by binding and enriching metadata throughout the production planning, acquisition and downstream processes. Using Sony’s clever acquisition tools (C3 Portal and compatible cameras), or LiveU along with Avid’s production tools (Media Composer, MediaCentral and Edit on Demand), the new workflows – enabled by Marquis – ensure Wolftech planning data is maintained and enriched throughout the production process.

mic and audio 300pxX2Pro5 

Marquis has announced X2Pro5 software, which has been designed to integrate Final Cut Pro projects into a professional audio workflow, enabling Avid Pro Tools to be used for audio finishing. The new X2Pro5 software is a complete rewrite of Marquis’ popular X2Pro Audio Convert software and brings with it native Apple silicon support and a redesigned user interface. It also takes advantage of the innovative metadata-based organising features in Final Cut Pro X, with expanded role management allowing unlimited numbers of audio roles in Final Cut Pro X to be converted into Pro Tools tracks for further audio processing and finishing. 


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