Marquis bridges the pro audio gap with new X2Pro5 software

Marquis’s new X2Pro5 software has been designed to integrate Final Cut Pro projects into a professional audio workflow, enabling Avid Pro Tools to be used for audio finishing.

It works by converting the exported Final Cut Pro XML into an AAF file, which Avid Pro Tools can then open as a session, delivering seamless integration between the two applications.

The new X2Pro5 software is a complete rewrite of Marquis’ popular X2Pro Audio Convert software and brings with it native Apple silicon support and a redesigned user interface. It also takes advantage of the innovative metadata-based organising features in Final Cut Pro X, with expanded role management allowing unlimited numbers of audio roles in Final Cut Pro X to be converted into Pro Tools tracks for further audio processing and finishing by the audio engineer.

Immersive audio technology continues to grow in popularity; X2Pro5 software provides a very quick way for FCP users to be able to deliver a project to an external Pro Tools audio editor, sharing the FCPXML file so they can mix – and deliver – multi-channel audio. X2Pro5 has a simple, straightforward interface and is also easy to customise; for example, you can decide if you want to include disabled or inactive clips in the export, and you can choose the length of frame handles. Essentially, X2Pro5 provides a fully professional audio workflow for Final Cut Pro editors, sending a very complex audio timeline to the Pro Tools audio engineer with ease.

To learn more and purchase the software, please visit the X2Pro5 website.

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