Cloud Workflow for Powerful Medway Media-Centric Middleware

Marquis Broadcast launches cloud capabilities for Medway, with automatic transcoding, download integration and relink functions

Marquis Broadcast will showcase its Medway Cloud Workflow at NAB 2018, providing seamless integration between local and cloud-based projects. Medway is a very powerful and scalable media-centric middleware solution. It uniquely operates at ‘sequence level’, which enables a complete digital workflow to ensure edit platforms, MAMs, video servers and archive systems work seamlessly together. The cloud compute hosted Medway Engine Web Service (MEWS) brings the power of Medway to the cloud and offers a simple and fast way to deploy hybrid cloud/ground integrations.

Designed to meet the demands of the most challenging production environments, Medway is used globally by broadcast, production, post production, newsrooms and playout facilities. Marquis has migrated the MEWS engine to cloud compute within Amazon Web Services, bringing the Medway integration to cloud services, allowing transcoding, rewrapping and partial extraction of content within the cloud system. This transforms the economics of using cloud-hosted S3 storage; the combination of the Medway, MEWS and native S3 support, means Medway offers a fast, agile, low-risk mechanism to migrate workflows and content to the cloud.

This new Medway cloud workflow, originally designed by Marquis Broadcast’s engineering team for an existing Medway customer, allows a customer to work on a project, which they might then send to the MEWS system hosted via AWS. MEWS detects when media arrives in the cloud, creating smaller proxy versions of the media and downloading these to the local site, which then get picked up by the local Medway system. So, if the customer wants to make a promo about a programme that has already been edited and uploaded to cloud, they can now edit a promo locally, then issue a request to the local Medway system for the high-resolution versions of the files, which get automatically replaced in the background. The MEWS technology drastically reduces the egress costs of operating in cloud. This workflow is ideal for teams that may be working in different locations, enabling productions to be more easily distributed and tasks ‘load balanced’ across creative teams.

To find out more about Marquis Broadcast’s latest product announcements, please join them at NAB on stand SU6225.

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