Marquis news from NAB 24

Marquis is working with new technology partners at NAB 2024, including Sony, Avid, LiveU, EVS and Ross Video, helping streamline live video acquisition – both into and out of Avid editing systems – enabling broadcasters to get content to air as quickly as possible. 

A news sequence proxy relinking workflow was introduced at last year’s event in collaboration with Sony and Avid, which is already in operation at six Sinclair stations in the US, successfully accelerating 5G news and production acquisition and reducing the volume of high-resolution video transferred to news production centres by field journalists. New for NAB is the extension of this workflow to Sony's Ci Media MAM. In addition, the workflow via the C3 Portal now also provides the option to stream directly from the camera.

A collaboration between LiveU and Marquis is providing seamless media workflow between LiveU sources and Avid editing systems, enabling media and metadata to be moved efficiently via LiveU from acquisition through to production. And Ross Video's Media I/O playout and transcode software solution has also been certified with Marquis, meaning Medway middleware can transfer and check video into Avid whilst still recording from Media I/O, allowing Avid users to edit growing files.

New Marquis panel within Avid Media Composer

Also new for NAB 2024 is the introduction of a dedicated panel within Avid Media Composer software, which allows the editor to see directly into the Medway system and to then select and ingest any new media that it sees in the Medway watch folder, removing the need to operate a separate Medway client.

Medway central to news and production acquisition workflows at NAB24

Sony C3 Portal and Ci Media news and production acquisition workflow with Avid

Fast production workflow

Multi-res files and structured metadata automatically delivered to editors and newsrooms – edit more versions and deliver to digital platforms faster, with improved relevance

Reduce production cost

Edit stories as soon as the proxy file starts ingesting, then automatically fetch only the required high-resolution media in a sequence to reduce connectivity costs

Enriched metadata

Automatic preservation and enrichment of metadata from the point of origination, keeping geneology intact from creation, through the edit and into archive

Our innovative cloud-based workflow integrates Avid MediaCentral, Sony Electronics’ C3 Portal gateway service and Marquis software to get news to air faster than ever


Our fundamental strategy is to democratize news acquisition, with every journalist or photographer having fast content delivery to news production centers. This transformation requires a collaborative approach to streamline the workflow. We’re engaged with Avid on its MediaCentral® news production platform, Sony on cameras and C3 Portal and Marquis to enable complex workflow integrations. 


A new collaboration between LiveU and Marquis provides seamless video and metadata workflow between LiveU sources and Avid editing systems. It enables video from LiveU field units to be recorded, together with associated metadata, by LiveU Ingest and moved efficiently from acquisition through to production with Avid-ready formatting. This means video can be ingested directly via LiveU Ingest into Avid MediaCentral and Media Composer, with all production metadata. 


Ross' Media I/O ingest, playout and transcode software solution has been certified with Marquis Medway. Scaling to the biggest production demands, Media I/O supports almost any video format, can run on-premise, virtualised or in-cloud, and integrates seamlessly into your production workflow. We can transfer and check video into Avid whilst still recording from Media I/O to allow the Avid users to edit growing files. Growing file support is a feature of MediaCentral and Interplay. 


Marquis and Wolftech bind and enrich metadata throughout the production planning, acquisition and downstream processes. Using Sony’s clever acquisition tools (C3 Portal and compatible cameras), or LiveU, along with Avid’s production tools (Media Composer, MediaCentral and Edit on Demand), the new workflows ensure Wolftech planning data is maintained and enriched throughout the production process. 

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